The database for a new generation.

Meet the works-anywhere scales-forever database for serverless, no-code, and low-code projects.

Get Started
// Put
await zb.put(`tweets/1`, "hello!")

// Get
zb.get(`tweets/%`).all().then((res) => {
  console.log(`Got ${res.length} tweets!`)

What is Zetabase?

Zetabase is a works-anywhere scales-forever cloud database designed for the needs of developers in 2020. That means it can be used — securely — directly from frontend code (like Javascript in a browser or Swift in iOS). And it means that it scales to whatever size is required with no changes necessary on the developer's side.

Zetabase was designed with the guiding principle that it should:

  • Allow for backend-free development: no REST services required.
  • Scale ad infinitum without developer intervention or maintenance.
  • Empower users of static-site generators and low-code tools to build more complex technology.

Zetabase is built on top of Google Cloud and thus benefits from the reliability and quality you've come to expect from Google technology.

But don't take it from us! It takes 30 seconds to install zb, make your identity, and create your first database.

To get started using your database, consider following one of our tutorials:


separate data stores underlie the mechanics of Zetabase, including Redis, Postgres, and HDFS.


free objects per unique mobile number registered. No need to pay until you're an at-scale production user.


supported languages can connect easily to Zetabase via gRPC.


bits of key strength to keep your data safe at all times.

Use cases

Zetabase can be used wherever data is needed, but here are some notable use cases:

Web apps

Zetabase lets you hit your database from anywhere in the stack, including the frontend. It even works with Github Pages.

Static blogs and sites

Add comments and other social features to your blog by pasting an HTML snippet and one line of Javascript.

Mobile apps

Build backend-free mobile applications using Zetabase's user-aware operations.

Machine learning

Simplify your machine learning workflows by saving data and models alike into Zetabase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the server?

We do! Zetabase is a cloud-native, serverless platform. You never have to worry about servers or allocations or maintenance with Zetabase.

How can it be used securely from Javascript/Swift/etc. frontends?

Zetabase allows users to create tables that are aware of application-level user permissions and enforces these constraints by deep introspection of data. If that's a mouthful, the TL;DR is that by managing your authentication for you, Zetabase can enforce it for you, too, avoiding the need to build a custom backend for your app.

Is it free?

Yes! Zetabase will be free forever. After the end of the beta period, we will allow users to pay for more space than the standard per-user allotment, but the free Zetabase we all know and love will always remain.

Does Zetabase work as a stand-in for SQL/Mongo/Cassandra?

Absolutely. Zetabase is a great replacement for any standard database or big data store. It will scale as far as you require.

Are there any limitations on data size?

Table indexes must be small enough to fit on a single node, at least for this version of Zetabase. Of course, that just creates a limitation on the number of discrete objects stored, not the size of the data.

Are there any rate limits?

Yes, but you won't hit them unless you're actively trying.

I need help — how do I do XYZ?

We believe in Zetabase and we provide support for our users for free! Just join our community Discord and reach out in the support channel.

How can I get in touch with you?

Talk to us on Twitter or join our community Discord!

Contact Us


Zetabase is developed by a consortium of open-source developers and supporting organizations. To chat with us or to provide support, please contact us via one of the links below!