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🤙 Yessir, it finally exists: a free, open-source, easy-to-integrate, no-backend-needed commenting system for static sites hosted anywhere.

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What is Comments.js?

Comments.js is the easy, extensible way to add a comments section to any website, including static sites like those hosted with GitHub Pages.

Making an account and dropping the HTML snippet into your page (tutorial here) will take five minutes flat.

Comments.js is built atop Zetabase, a cloud-native database built specifically to enable frontend developers to build data-driven web applications with no backend. This means you can extend and customize Comments.js as your business grows and requires more specialized features.

Some benefits of this approach include:

  • It works anywhere: GitHub Pages, Wix, Wordpress, whatever. Take your users — and your comments — with you when you change hosting.
  • Super-simple setup: just follow our simple 3-step guide. It only takes 5 minutes to setup comments on a new site.
  • 100% open and extensible: Comments.js is 100% open-source and is based on Zetabase. Build freely! No vendor lock-in allowed.
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out of 100 users want to comment on posts to communicate with the author.


comments and profiles per site are provided in the free tier. (With this large a free tier, most sites never pay for hosting.)


minutes is all you need to set up Comments.js on a new site.


hosting providers have been tested with Comments.js, like GitHub Pages, Wix, Wordpress, Shopify, and Amazon S3.


Comments.js is the easy, extensible way to integrate comments and other social features into an otherwise static page.


Well-designed default everything so you get going quickly


Thorough documentation means customizations are easy

Quick to setup

5 minutes to setup, no exceptions, and help via 24/7 community Discord

Works everywhere

Works on any static site anywhere, including GitHub Pages


A beautiful user experience. A simple, elegant UI built to blend in anywhere — choose from a pre-built theme or customize your own!

  • All
  • Comments
  • Login
  • Profiles

Username-password login


Edit profile (dark)


Google sign-in


Edit profile




Moderation tool


Moderation tool


Commenting (dark)


Edit profile (dark)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the server?

We do! Comments.js is built using Zetabase and by default runs using your account's free-tier storage.

How can a developer extend or customize Comments.js?

Comments.js is 100% open-source, frontend-only code. That means a developer with Javascript skills could extend Comments.js however they please. No vendor lock-in ever!

Is it free?

Yes! Zetabase will be free forever, and Comments.js will always run on a Zetabase free tier.

Does Comments.js work with GitHub Pages and/or Jekyll?

Yes! Simply paste the code snippet you're provided during signup into your posts and comments will appear automagically.

How do users log in?

By default, sign-in with Google accounts is enabled. (Alternatively, users can choose to have their own username/password system.)

Who handles moderation?

You do, using the Comments.js moderation tool. Nobody will tell you what is or isn't acceptable on your pages.

I need help — how do I do XYZ?

We believe in Zetabase and we provide support for our users for free! Just join our community Discord and reach out in the support channel.

How can I get in touch with you?

Talk to us on Twitter or join our community Discord!

Contact Us


Zetabase is developed by a consortium of open-source developers and supporting organizations. To chat with us or to request support, please contact us via one of the links below!